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“The seemingly random elements tell the tale of a day in the life of three different characters who live in Seoul - all of whom are watched over by the ever present Mountains which ring the city.”

This one reminds me a bunch of Thursday. The attached and the aforementioned both sport hard-edged, bright, geometric and graphic visuals with some tight, complimentary sound design. Gorgeous stuff.

P.S. Go watch Thursday next.


The Bizarre World of Paul Robertson

'vanillgirls' by Paul Robertson (
'vanillgirls' by Paul Robertson ('Universe Party' by Paul Robertson ('Airbrushed (Single) Cover' for Anamanaguchi by Paul Robertson ('head cunt dick beam (+cats)' by Paul Robertson (`Custer's Revenge` by Paul Robertson (`oh my god eater` by Paul Robertson (

I’ve found it’s always worth-my-while to periodically check in on Paul Robertson. My latest visit to his tumblr yielded a heady crop of candy-colored, bizarre and dark pixel art that I’ve collected here for you to peruse at your leisure. I was also pleased to discover he recently contributed some art/animations to Wizorb, a Breakout-meets-Zelda game by Tribute that’s available on Windows, Linux, OSX and the 360. After parting with the very-reasonable three-dollar asking price I spent a handful of hours combating evil in Gorudo and am happy to report it was worth every penny. In addition to Paul’s always-excellent pixel art, Wizorb‘s wonderful, nostalgia-activating soundtrack and just-right difficulty progression keeps a firm-but-friendly grip on your attention. So yeah, pick that shit up if you’re looking for something to fun to play; you can’t beat the price.

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Fox Retro

We’re loving this rad promo PUNGA did for FOX Retro, an Italian-only network that rebroadcasts classic American television. The tight, fluid animation with its seamless transitions from 2D to 3D (and back again) are a real treat to watch and the accompanying music/sound design by Daniele Carmosino perfectly compliments the visuals. It takes lots of talented folks to pull off something this polished, click here to see a complete credit listing. Enjoy!

[ Fox Retro ]

We Come Together

“I made a good versus evil story of smooth jazz cats versus electro fishes and, like a video game, there was a princess to rescue, sub-bosses and a final boss to defeat…more” –Mike Scott

Kiwi animator/director Mike Scott crafted a veritable pixely-video-game-pop-culture-references-packed orgy of a music video for the Goldfish tune, ‘We Come Together’. It’s good times all the way ‘round, folks.

Mike was also cool enough to post a fairly exhaustive process video that describes how he planned and executed the whole thing which you can watch here. Enjoy!

[ Goldfish - We Come Together (OFFICIAL) ]


Tunnel by Paul Robertson

By pixel-art super-talent, Paul Robertson.

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I go through all this
Before you wake up
So I can feel happier
To be safe up here with you…

Björk is known for her consistently great music videos and this dreamy ethereal journey for Hyperballad directed by Michel Gondry is no exception.  Enjoy!

[ Bjork - Hyperballad (HD Official Video) ]

The Pixel Art of Jude Buffum

'Care Bear Carnage' by Jude Buffum
'Care Bear Carnage' by Jude Buffum'And on the seventh day, R.O.B. rested.' by Jude Buffum'TPS Reports' by Jude Buffum'You Wanna Play Pirate?' by Jude Buffum'The Dude Abides' by Jude Buffum'President Kong' by Jude Buffum

Jude Buffum paints pop-culture subjects with an 8-bit aesthetic, often times as if they existed in the 80s and had a video game tie-in. My personal favorite is his infinitely-awesome Big Lebowski series which you can order t-shirts of here.  Lots more on his website, blog and Flickr.

[ Jude Buffum ]


Pixels is a well-made animated short featuring classic video game characters wreaking havoc all over New York city. From start to finish this is nothing but 8-bit entertainment. I think Patrick Jean needs to get working on another trippy project, don’t you?

[ Pixels ]

Insert Coin

Holy crap, this is pretty awesome. NinjaMoped created this video by combining a black rug, a camera, a projector, lots of coins and gobs of patience.  Stay tuned til the end to how they were able put it all together. Marvelous job, chaps! Cheers!

[ Kreativ ~ Stop Motion - Dreamhack Winter 2010 via > boingboing ]


This gorgeous animated short was created by Valere Amirault, Jean Delaunay, Sarah Laufer and Benjamin Mattern.  If you grew up on a steady diet of pixels – that were dispensed in increments of eight or sixteen – and/or love well-animated short films this is a must-watch.

[ 8BITS ]

American Software

I have no idea what’s going on in this short film (apparently it’s about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates?) by Gianluca Fallone but I don’t really care because it was such a treat to watch.  The Ratatat fueled soundtrack certainly helps.

[ American Software ]

The Bug

Do video game characters have their own will?