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“We are not going home; we’re phazing, a million miles away!”

Lots of talented folks from Sweden pitched in to create this polished-to-a-retro-sheen journey through space for Dirty South‘s dreamy progressive anthem ‘Phazing’: Maceo Frost (direction, art direction, animation, design), Robin Günther (art direction, animation, design), Linus Lundin (3D animation), Elias Widerdal (3D animation) and David Günther (sound FX design).

It’s a colorful trip through universe, punctuated here and there by dashes of abstract geometry, that compliments the uplifting synths of the track rather nicely. You know the drill: headphones on, lights down, volume up. Enjoy!

[ Dirty South feat Rudy 'Phazing' (Official Video) ]