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Glowing Man

Serving instructions: best seen in full-screen HD late at night in a pitch-dark room. Enjoy! (Well done, Jacob Sutton!)

[ Glowing Man HD ]

Prototype #1

How should I categorize this collaboration between AEAEAEAE and Hans-Henning Korb? It’s not eye candy per-say but there’s no discernable narrative either. So an eye-snack maybe? A morsel?

I dunno.

I rather liked it, though. A strange, uneasy comfort descended as I watched those little flocking pixies as they zipped to-and-fro, attracting and repelling one other, grabbing and reforming their bedsheet-one-moment-and-mountains-the-next hovering landscape as a Vangelis-esque tune (that could easily be mistaken as part of the Blade Runner Soundtrack) provides the ambiance. It’s some interesting and intriguing stuff and, judging from its title, there’s more to come. I certainly hope so, at least.

[ Prototype #1 ]

Poisson Vert

Rogier van der Zwaag and Nobody Beats the Drum have teamed up again – y’all remember Grindin’, right? – to delicious effect. Headphones and full-screened HD is probably the most efficient way to ingest this strange, stop-motion journey through the forest backed with catchy electro-synth soaked grooves. Get up on it like this.

Fun Fact: This video was financed by the Dutch TAX fund and took over seven nights of shooting in the forests near Putten to complete. Click here if you’re interested in a behind-the-scenes peek of how it all came together.

[ Nobody Beats the Drum - Poisson Vert ]


Upper First put this stunner together for Swedish electro outfit Mille by having Transfett project lots of colorful moving abstract goodness onto mannequins inside a darkened warehouse.  It starts off fun and just keeps getting better and better towards the end.  Dim the lights for this one. Enjoy!

[ Mille - Crysteena ]

Z Machine

The Z Machine

This is the New Mexico based Z Machine, the largest x-ray generator in the world that was designed and built to test materials in extreme conditions.

“The Z machine fires a very powerful electrical discharge (several tens of millions of amperes for less than 100 nanoseconds) into an array of thin, parallel tungsten wires called a liner (pictured here). The high electrical current vaporizes the wires, which are transformed into a cylindrical plasma curtain. Simultaneously, the current density induces a powerful magnetic field and their combination creates Lorentz forces which radially compress the plasma into a z-pinch process.”

Sounds intense.  Read more on the official Z Machine website or on wikipedia.

[ Z Machine (Wikipedia) ]

Take Off

'UPS 757 Night Departure' by Kris Klop

If you like this photograph by Kris Klop, you definitely need to check out his Long Exposure set on Flickr.

[ UPS 757 Night Departure ]

A real-life Pokémon

eastern emerald elysia (elysia chlorotica)

Meet the eastern emerald elysia (elysia chlorotica) a sea slug that gains some of it’s energy via photosynthesis from chloroplasts, genes and cell-parts it has integrated into it’s body from the algae it routinely dines on. It’s a water and grass type!  Read more about this fascinating creature on the mother nature network.

FUN FACT: If you live near salt marshes in New England or Canada you could go and catch one yourself.  If you keep it in an aquarium that has light shining on it for 12 or more hours a day you’ll never have to feed it.

[ Bizarre sea slug is half plant, half animal ]