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The Shrine / An Argument

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Mine was fantastic. I’ve been holding off on watching anything Christmas related until today but wanted to share the latest from cut-paper-stop-motion-specialist Sean Pecknold before I dive head-first into some of my favorite movies. We first featured Sean’s work back in June and this, like the former, is another stunning music video for Fleet Foxes. The partnership between Mr. Pecknold’s visual style and the Foxes’ unique sound makes sense – both exude a rare heady blend of warmth, earnestness and mystery – and this time around the abstract geometry has been swapped for a spiritual/nature narrative that deftly holds your attention for a full eight-and-a-half minutes. Full-screen and headphones are a must for this one. Enjoy!

P.S. I checked our suggestion box right as I was about to post this and was pleased to discover that Luke Beaton had recently written in, recommending we check it out. Thanks, Luke!

[ The Shrine / An Argument ]


“Brother you don’t need to turn me away, I was waiting down at the ancient gate;
You’ll go, wherever you go today, you’ll go today.”

Encourage your Saturday night mellow with this most chill of pairings: the delicious haunting harmonies of Fleet Foxes served alongside the abstract cut-paper stop motion visions of Sean Pecknold. Both Sean and ‘Foxes have been featured on The Tripatorium™ before which can be handily accessed through the following two hyperlinks: Knowledge / Grown Ocean.

A big thanks goes to Chris for the suggestion – cheers!

[ Fleet Foxes - Mykonos ]

Grown Ocean

“In that dream I’m as old as the mountains, still is starlight reflected in fountains.
Children grown on the edge of the ocean; kept like jewelry kept with devotion
In that dream moving slow through the morning…”

More goodness from Sub Pop, this time for Fleet Foxes’ nostalgia-rambler ‘Grown Ocean’. The quick-cutting clutter of casually captured documentary footage compliments the ethereal cadence of the tune so well that I found myself blissfully zoning out each time I watched it. Maybe you’ll like it, too? Their new album, ‘Helplessness Blues’ drops on May 3rd, 2011 which you can conveniently pre-order on either CD or LP here.

[ Fleet Foxes - Grown Ocean (OFFICIAL VIDEO) ]