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Everything I Can See From Here

File under: LOLWAT

The attached morsel of bizarre animation was created by The Line over a two year period of unpaid night-and-weekends work. It was directed by Sam Taylor and Bjørn-Erik Aschim but, like most passion projects of this calibur, couldn’t have come together without a supporting cast of creatives who generously donated their time and skills.

You can see a full list of who contributed here but I wanted to call out one in particular, Box of Toys Audio, who supplied the excellent sound design. It’s easy to underestimate how much credible foley work can add to a film but, from my point of view, having audio that ‘sells it’ is one of the key contributors to its immersive potential. The first two minutes and fifty seconds are awash in pedestrian, familiar noises – the bark of a dog, the rattle of a chain link fence or the ‘bop’ of a fully inflated ball – that, when the soundscape shifts as the cube descends, you have no doubt that something alien has just entered the scene.


P.S. The Line also created Easy, a color-drenched gorgeously animated music video we posted last month that’s absolutely worth your time.

[ Everything I Can See From Here ]


This short by Gobelins students Théo Guignard, Nöé Lecombre and Hugo Moreno reminds me of three distinct ‘flavors’: Stanley Kubrick‘s trademark sterile, ominous atmospheric direction, Bruce Timm‘s tight, economical illustrative style and Vangelis’ thick, synth-heavy ambient soundtracks. It strikes a just-right balance between hand-drawn 2D animation’s warmth and character and the immersion-heightening ability of subtly-executed 3D. It’s very nice; don’t hesitate to dive in.

If you’re diggin’ this one, I suggest you watch Countdown next.

P.S. Hugo posted a behind-the-scenes look at how ECLIPSE came together; if you’re into process it’s can’t miss.

P.P.S. Our Gobelins feed is filled to the brim with fantastic short films that are all worthy of your attention. Enjoy!

[ ECLIPSE via mcbess ]

Psychic Land

The first thought that popped into my brain after watching the attached: I want to go to there. The second? 2veinte should develop this into a 30 minute show. No dialogue, no traditional story arcs; just weird, bursting-with-candy-color visuals backed with arcadey, reminiscent-of-a-Casio-keyboard-demo-mode tunes. WHOWOULDN’TWANTTOWATCHTHATAMIRITE??

2veinte is giving away free Psychic Land posters to fifty random fans of theirs on Facebook. They don’t seem like the constantly-spamming-your-newsfeed-type so if you want a chance to win some rad art for your wall you might want to head on over; the effort-expended-to-possible-reward ratio skews generously in your favor.

Oh, and be sure to check out Let’s Face Symmetry – also by 2veinte – which we posted back in August.

[ Psychic Land ]

Micro Empire

“As an enthusiast for little things, I wanted to go deeper than the macro universe, so I found myself hanging on the eyepiece of a microscope. The real challenge was definitely the small depth of field in microscopy. It’s really fascinating how detailed this tiny world is, and unbelievable how much is going on in only one little water drop.”

Visuals by Clemens Wirth, sounds by Radium Audio. If you like this kind of stuff then be sure to check out Clemens’ Vimeo page, especially his excellent three-part macro kingdom series.

[ Micro Empire ]

Aqueous by Mark Mawson

from 'Aqueous II' by Mark Mawson
from 'Aqueous II' by Mark Mawsonfrom 'Aqueous II' by Mark Mawsonfrom 'Aqueous II' by Mark Mawsonfrom 'Aqueous II' by Mark Mawsonfrom 'Aqueous II' by Mark Mawsonfrom 'Aqueous II' by Mark Mawson

Arian wrote in and tipped us off to these wonderful alien liquid-scapes by Mark Mawson. We selected our personal favorites to feature here but there’s loads more to see on both the Aqueous and Aqueous II project pages.

Thanks, Arian!

Related: Ink + Water

[ Aqueous II - The Sequel ]

Ready, Able

We’re diggin’ this trippy, bizarre and engrossing music video Allison Schulnik conceived, directed and animated for Grizzly Bear‘s ‘Ready, Able’.

A big thanks goes to Charles for sending this in – cheers!

[ At 44 1/2 Emerging Artists 2010: Forest by Allison Schulnik ]

The PraePredatorPrae

“On the planet Zig 5 a life span can last mere minutes, there are vicious predators everywhere, and no one stops to smell the roses because the flowers have legs and run away. This is a strange place located on the edge of known space. The Intergalactic Wildlife Service sends Naturenauts there to document the world in all it’s unruly glory and many are sacrificed in their quest for knowledge and rare vid footage.”

From the wonderfully-weird Fifteen Pound Pink Productions. Enjoy!

[ The PraePredatorPrae ]

The Fungus Among Us

Thought you folks would enjoy some gorgeous HD goodness from Planet Earth about jungle fungus. The main star of the show is the uber-spooky cordyceps which seems as if it was invented for an episode of X-Files. Other than that it’s Sir David Attenborough doing his thing alongside beautifully captured time-lapse footage. You can’t go wrong, really.

[ Cordyceps Fungi - BBC Planet Earth HD ]

Match & Flame

Bizarre, alien and just plain weird.  Just think, this happens every time you strike a match.  Existence takes on a whole new dimension of wonder when seen from the perspective of 2000 frames-per-second macro-vision. Thanks, UltraSlo!

My only complaint is that there’s no soundtrack, I feel like the right tune could take this video to a whole new level of great. Anyone out there got any ideas?  If so, rip the video, put it to a tune you think appropriate, post it to the ‘Tubes or Vimeo (making sure, of course, to give full credit to UltraSlo for the original source material), and send us the link to where we can see it. I’ll feature the best one, right here on the site, and serve up some linkage of your choosing. The deadline for submissions is 12am ET this coming Monday the 24th (that means late Sunday night). You dig?

[ Match and flame in Extreme Close Up UltraSlo ]

The Lynx Nudibranch

“The lynx nudibranch only dines upon hydroids, and is especially fond of Myrionema amboinense. In the video we observe the lynx nudibranch on the hunt. With sight limited to only the detection of light and dark, the nudibranch relies on touch and ‘smell’ to detect its surroundings. By sweeping its two oral tentacles open wide as it moves, it maximizes its likelihood of coming into contact with a hydroid. When they touch, the nudibranch reacts abruptly from the hydroid’s sting. Once the hydroid has been detected, the nudibranch is challenged with the task of eating it…continue reading

A huge thanks to MORPHOLOGIC for this fascinating look into the delicate ecosystem that exists on the shell of an oyster.  Check out their Vimeo page for lots more HD underwater vignettes.

[ The Lynx Nudibranch ]

The Silhouettes

The best music videos are the ones in which the visuals and music are so complimentary it seems as though they were created at precisely the same moment.  This is one of those videos.  Top-flight, late-night viewing folks!

Featuring the music of Sam Prekop (released on Chicago’s Thrill Jockey Records), this video was directed by Jordan Kim who also shared some of the animation duties along with Cris Shapan, Michael Wingate and Patrick Armitage.

[ Sam Prekop - The Silhouettes ]