The first rave I ever went to was in Harrisburg Pennsylvania circa 1999. It was a memorable evening overall but a single moment stands out: at one point I overheard someone say that a particular song ‘blissed them out.” I dunno, just a nice play on words. Anyways, whenever I hear Nick Bertke (a.k.a. Pogo’s) movie remixes I ‘bliss out’. They’re so nice.

We had posted ‘Alice’ before – which is great – but this one, constructed entirely with samples from Snow White, is a bit special in that it utilizes high-def rips from digital rescans of the original film. It’s gorgeous; there’s loads of warm, hand drawn detail in those cells which we’ve never had an opportunity to see in such fidelity before. Bonus.

As always, Nick’s music is available for name-your-price. Remember: when you support stuff you love, more stuff that you love gets made. Cheers!

[ Wishery (Snow White Remix) ]