Spacious Thoughts

Sam and Ze‘s idea was to bring people from different worlds together through their shared inspiration and love of music. Thus N.A.S.A. was born, with unlikely collaborations like Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Karen O, and Fatlip on one track, George Clinton and Chali 2na on another, as well as Tom Waits and Kool Keith on yet another.”

One of our regular readers, Tate, wrote in and suggested we check out N.A.S.A., a Gorillaz-esque collaborative music project founded by Squeak E. Clean and DJ Zegon that spans coasts and continents – hence N.A.S.A (North America South America – involving loads of talented folks. The attached video taps the talent of legendary MC Kool Keith (whose releases as Dr. Octagon are personal favorites of mine) and Tom Waits whose gravelly tones compliment the rhymes and beats rather well. Oh, and video is dope too!

The team at Fluorescent Hill did a fantastic job with the creative direction/visuals, especially Mark Lomond, Johanne Ste-Marie and Jacques Khouri whose animation talents shine. Full screen and headphones are a must for this one. Strap in, mellow out and enjoy! Thanks for the heads-up, Tate! Cheers!

[ N.A.S.A. "Spacious Thoughts" (feat. Tom Waits & Kool Keith) ]