“Time to light the fires; build ideas inside our homes. From up upon the rooftops we’ll see the people stirring. Time to understand your place in trees and buildings, well the time to dream is almost over, over…”

One of prize stallions in Ghost Robot‘s stable of talent, Ben Dickinson, directed this video for NewVillager, a bi-coastal art collective that creates rad stuff in lots of different mediums. This music video is a prime example of what they’re up: it combines unique costume design (all household items!), dance, performance, music and film-making into a big ball of creative expression. Their album should be out any day now and, from what I’ve been reading, it seems like their live shows are not to be missed. In other words, they’re fascinating folks we’ll be keeping our eye on.

A big thanks goes to Britlee for sending this video in – CHEERS!

[ NewVillager - LightHouse ]