“The rules are simple. Pick any song from Stones Throw’s catalog. Edit your own video using any footage you want, upload it to, and add it to our Vimeo group: You can do anything you like as long as it’s CREATIVE - shoot new footage, animation, found footage, or combination. Our deadline is July 1, 2011…more

We’re huge fans of Stones Throw and were beyond excited to find out that they’re throwing an open-to-all video contest to celebrate their 15th anniversary. The video above was submitted by Steven Smith for the J Dilla (RIP) joint, ‘Geekdown’ and we absolutely love it. Hopefully there’s lots more like it from other creative fans on the way.

A huge, massive thanks goes to one of our readers, Victoria, for the heads-up on this one – CHEERS!

[ J Dilla - Geekdown ]