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Squircle Zoom

Don Whitaker wrote in to suggest a video for the site he made entitled ‘Surfing the 4th Dimension’. It’s some pretty high-concept stuff built with a complex ‘slit scan’ technique which is then modified with a custom Processing script and backed with some spacey tunes interspersed with some old dude talking about LSD to boot. It was such an intriguing idea I decided to look through some of his other videos and found this – attracted by the word ‘Squircle’ no doubt (try saying it out loud “squirrr-cull”) – and decided to post it instead of his suggestion. Was this uncouth? Is this not done? I’m just a fan of fractals, OK? Anyways, speaking of fractals, he just made this test video a scant three days ago so I want to encourage this kind of behavior. More please, Don. Oh, and we’ll be friends forever if you make a fractal video set to this tune. #mildpitchforever

[ Squircle Zoom ]