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Premier Automne


Premier Automne was created by a dream-team of French filmmakers/animators from Je Regarde, Melting Productions and InEfecto and is so out-of-this-world wonderful that, beyond mentioning my über-affection for the final sequence that runs from 8:34-9:01, I don’t want to say anything else as it might ruin the magic of watching this gem for the first time in a dark room with with a nice pair headphones strapped to your ears.

If you’re interested in process than the ‘Making of’ is can’t-miss – as is Do I Have Power?, a music video we posted a couple of Halloweens back by Carlos De Carvalho, one of the co-directors of the attached. Enjoy!

[ Premier Automne (2013) ]

Glowing Man

Serving instructions: best seen in full-screen HD late at night in a pitch-dark room. Enjoy! (Well done, Jacob Sutton!)

[ Glowing Man HD ]

Operation White Widow

Jacek Mazur (script/direction/modeling/animation), Marek Skrobecki (artistic supervision) and Tommy Zee (music/sound design) partnered with the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg to create this unique animated short with a fantastic didn’t-see-that-coming ending. It’s a treat to watch; enjoy!


World of Clouds by David Kaplan

'Orion and the Sea of Fog' by David Kaplan
'Orion and the Sea of Fog' by David Kaplan'Acherlipass at witching hour' by David Kaplan'Daybreak Part 1' by David Kaplan'Daybreak Part 3' by David Kaplan'Sea of Fog at Acherlipass' by David Kaplan'World Between Clouds' by David Kaplan

David Kaplan takes gorgeous photographs of the Swiss landscape – my favorites are the time lapses of clouds he takes at night. See lots more on his Flickr stream or website.

[ dmkdmkdmk's photostream on Flickr via Gizmodo ]

The Arctic Circle

“Brutal and unforgiving – the Arctic Circle – where all that grows in abundance is….temptation.”

A cautionary tale told in stop-motion animation by talented young filmmaker Kevin Parry with music from Ihor Dawidiuk. And, hey, Tim Burton loved it (he said, “it’s like a cross between 2001 and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”) so you probably will too, no?  Great work, Kevin, can’t wait to see what you create next!

[ The Arctic Circle ]

Superior, Speed Fly

I have lots of recurring themes in my dreams – some awful, some amazingly great and lots of weird ones in between. One type that falls into the ‘amazingly great’ category is when I have the ability to jump great distances in a single bound. I crouch down, spring off and bound across beautiful landscapes; touching down for an instant every so often before taking off again. This video does an excellent job of showcasing what it’s like.

Cheers to Andrew Gordon for sending it in!

[ Superior, Speed Fly ]

Come back down

A visual journey – created by Clement Picon – that’s perfect for contemplation and reflection.  The soundtrack by Jviewz is a fitting accompaniment to the visuals and ties the whole affair together rather nicely.  Best served late at night with the lights dimmed.

[ Come back down ]

The Northern Lights of Norway

by Ole C. Salomonsen (
by Ole C. Salomonsen ( Øystein Lunde Ingvaldsen ( Ole C. Salomonsen ( Øystein Lunde Ingvaldsen ( Ole C. Salomonsen ( Øystein Lunde Ingvaldsen (

These images are from two very talented Norwegian photographers: Ole C. Salomonsen and Øystein Lunde Ingvaldsen.  If you’d like to see (lots) more be sure to check out their respective aurora-specific galleries here and here.  If you want to see the northern lights in motion be sure to check out this video.

I’ve got to make a point to visit Norway to see these in person at some point before I die.

[ November 2010 Northern Lights Gallery ]