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Parallel Universe

© Uno Moralez

I stumbled on this image last week and immediately assumed it was by Uno Moralez. I headed over to his site/Tumblr/LJ to see if he had recently uploaded new work but I couldn’t find this particular image anywhere. I hit up the Googs’ next and still couldn’t track down a proper URL. So for now, I’m just gonna assume Uno made it and direct your attention to his website. If anyone knows definitively where/who this came from drop us a line and we’ll update the post ASAP (see below). I had to do a bit of cropping to fit within the constraints of the site so click here for the full business.

Moar Uno Moralez on The Tripatorium™.

UPDATE 2011/10/09: A big thanks to Charlotte who sent us the link to this image’s original home on Uno’s LJ.

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'Zombir' by Uno Moralez

Another pixel-constructed oddity by Mr. Uno Moralez. The Tripatorium™ will be sans new posts this weekend as we’ll be attending PAXEast – see you on Sunday! Cheers!

[ Zombir by Uno Moralez ]

Purple Kitchen Goddess

by Uno Moralez (

Back in January I posted an image I referred to as ‘Four Hands’ that I had found on fukung and asked if anyone knew who had created it. Carol-ann was cool enough to write in and inform us that it was by Uno Moralez, a super-talented pixel artist who specializes in the bizarre. While checking out his site, I found lots of great stuff (like the .gif I posted above) so we’ll definitely be keeping our eye on what he makes in the future. Thanks again, Carol-ann – CHEERS!

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Four Hands

'Four Hands' by Uno Moralez

I found this on fukung and have no idea who did this pixel-by-pixel masterpiece. If you do, drop us a line and we’ll update the post with a proper credit link.

UPDATE 3/2/2011: Carol-ann wrote in and informed us that this image was created by Uno Moralez. Check out his site for loads more pixel-y, trippy goodness.

[ Four Hands by Uno Moralez via fukung ]