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Why aren’t you watching Community?

I spent a fair bit of time mulling over the title of this post. It’s like, maybe you’re already a fan, right? In the end I figured you wouldn’t mind as, if you do watch the show, you probably fucking love it and want other people to watch it, too.

(Quick aside: I’m not being paid to write about Community; I honestly and truly love it.)

I’ve run the numbers and, if you’re a fan of this site I’m fairly certain Community is squarely up your alley. I mentioned the show during the holidays last year – they created a pitch-perfect Rankin/Bass style Claymation episode – and, now that Season 3 is underway, I figured it was worth bringing up again. This is television that is worth your time, it’s a breath of non-derivative fresh air. There’s a creative feedback loop going on between all the involved parties (writers/cast/art-direction/design) that continually produces triple-distilled doses of potent, grain-alcohol-strength intoxicating entertainment. Community routinely delivers something that has (sadly) become a rarity: episodes that hold-up in the vacuum of the half-hour time slot while simultaneously advancing season-spanning, complex, satisfying and believable narratives. Plus, it’s often wonderfully bizarre in unique, unexpected ways so when Thursday night rolls around I’m often giddy wondering what’s going to happen next at Greendale. The attached is a great example of that.

I tend to be an annoying tee-vee purist who will tell you that it ruins the watching experience to start a new series with anything other than Episode 1, Season 1. And, hey, if you’ve got access to the discs/streams then by all means go ahead and have at it. But, if you don’t, no worries: turn down the lights and click play, you won’t be disappointed.

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