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Lo Fi video experiment #6 from London-based filmmakers Luke White and Remi Weekes via their experimental process blog, Tell No One. It’s short, sweet and weird which is just how I like it.

[ Seaweed ]

Strange Arrangements

WeAreSeventeen put this animation together as, “a series of moving sculptures that take inspiration from the great surrealists like dali…These objects are mechanical but at the same time organic in their movements. They are a collection of textures, objects and movements that create images that we wanted to see…more  I’m diggin’ it.

[ Strange Arrangements ]

Infinite Teddy-Bears

Thanks again, cyriak, who, as always, handled both the audio and video production duties. Filmed on location at the Worthing sea-front with some slight touching-up/post-processing in After Effects. ;)

[ Cycles by cyriak ]