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I found this little gem by Fabian Grodde while perusing the Vimeo Festival Awards picks for 2011. I’ll leave the flowery prose to a minimum; it’d be a crime to spoil the surprise. However, I should probably mention that you need to grab your headphones as the music/sound-design by Alexander Binder and Johann Niegl is top-flight. Enjoy!

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The Shrine / An Argument

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Mine was fantastic. I’ve been holding off on watching anything Christmas related until today but wanted to share the latest from cut-paper-stop-motion-specialist Sean Pecknold before I dive head-first into some of my favorite movies. We first featured Sean’s work back in June and this, like the former, is another stunning music video for Fleet Foxes. The partnership between Mr. Pecknold’s visual style and the Foxes’ unique sound makes sense – both exude a rare heady blend of warmth, earnestness and mystery – and this time around the abstract geometry has been swapped for a spiritual/nature narrative that deftly holds your attention for a full eight-and-a-half minutes. Full-screen and headphones are a must for this one. Enjoy!

P.S. I checked our suggestion box right as I was about to post this and was pleased to discover that Luke Beaton had recently written in, recommending we check it out. Thanks, Luke!

[ The Shrine / An Argument ]

Machu Picchu Post

Clement Crocq, Margaux Duran-Rival and Nicolas Novali – three former students of Supinfocom Arles – cooked up this little gem as their final graduation project. Do yourself a favor: ensure 1080p is selected and wait patiently until a generous amount of bits load into your random access memory before clicking play; it’d be a shame to get interrupted once shit starts trippin’ balls. I’ll leave it to that…don’t want to spoil the surprise. Enjoy!

Click here to see other fantastic animated shorts by Supinfocom students previously posted on The Tripatorium™.

[ Machu Picchu Post ]


“The concept for this spot came to us in a dream and we’re still not sure what it all means.”

Hermes wrote in to let us know about a video ilovedust created as part of MTV’s recent worldwide rebranding campaign. It’s a quick, colorful psychedelic dive down the wormhole (with some fantastic sound design from WEVIE) that we whole-heartedly approve of. If you’re into this sort of thing then be sure to check out another MTV spot they created, Adrenaline Rush, that they recently posted to their Vimeo page. Enjoy!

Thanks, Hermes!

[ MTV Sight ]

Enal and his pet shark

'Enal and his pet shark' by James Morgan

“Traditional Bajau cosmology - a syncretism of animism and Islam - reveals a complex relationship with the ocean, which for them is a multifarious and living entity. There are spirits in currents and tides, in coral reefs and mangroves…more

I absolutely love this photograph James Morgan took of Enal, a young Bajau in Indonesia, playing with Wangi Wangi, his pet shark, that he keeps in a pen underneath his stilted house in Wangi, Indonesia. Read more about the Bajau, the last true nomads of the sea, and see loads more fantastic pictures over at James Morgan’s site.

[ The Bajau Laut via Neatorama ]


“I’m frozen to the bones, I am
A soldier on my own, I don’t know the way;
I’m riding up the heights of shame.
I’m waiting for the call, the hand on the chest;
I’m ready for the fight, and fate…”

The word ‘epic’ springs immediately to mind. Do me a favor? Don’t watch this until you’ve got some time set aside to chill, dim the lights and don some headphones cause this shit is dope and deserves your undivided attention. Tunes and direction courtesy of Yoann Lemoine (a.k.a. Woodkid) with cinematography by Mathieu Plainfosse and post-production via OneMore Prod in Paris. Woodkid’s IRON EP is available now on iTunes. Enjoy!

[ Woodkid - Iron ]

Rotten Fruit

It’s some primal, tribal, ritual business all up ons in this Chris LaGarce directed music video for the Young Loves tune, Rotten Fruit. Enjoy!

[ YOUNG LOVES - ROTTEN FRUIT (official music video) ]


Will someone take this animated short and turn it into a feature-length movie, please?  The ‘transition’ moment at 0:31 should be enough to sell anyone.

Chaman was created by Théo Boubounelle, Chloé Bury, Jean Baptiste Cumont, Claire Fauvel and Vincent Nghiem, students from – no surprise here – french ‘School-of-Awesome’, Gobelins, to promote the 2010 Annecy International Animated Film Festival.

Taking a trip out to experience Annecy is definitely something I’d like to do at least once before I die.

[ Chaman ]