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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, friends! I first saw this very-apt-for-the-site bit of animation on December 27th of last year and have been saving it ever since to share with all of you today. It’s from a series of five short idents created by Matt Layzell, Bishoy Gendi, Michael Gendi, Jonathan Harris and Daniel Boyle of Treat Studios for E4, “to surprise people with something really anti-christmas, and transform something boring into something amazing.” All of them are fantastically bizarre and definitely worth a watch:

Oh, and a big thanks to both Harry Peppit and Sam Lillard who sent these our way via our suggestion box and Facebook wall this past September. Cheers, guys!

[ Reindeer ]

Mazes (full)

Hey, remember that trailer for ‘Mazes’ I posted back in January?  Well, here’s the full business. Treat Studios FTW. The sound design is especially nice so if you’ve got a nice pair of headphones you might want to don them before clicking play. Enjoy!

[ Mazes ]

Bat For Lashes

Robin and Julia from Treat Studios created these visuals to be projected behind Natasha Khan (a.k.a. Bat For Lashes) as she performed on stage with a string quartet.  I bet it was an amazing.

[ Bat For Lashes visuals ]


Super-talented London animation house, Treat Studios, has loads of great stuff posted up on their Vimeo account.  The attached video stood out from the pack, however. It’s a teaser trailer they created to promote an Etsy labs sponsored show they were a part of in Berlin – it’s strange, colorful, bright, bizarre and just plain wonderful.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

[ Mazes trailer ]