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Lost in Tokyo

Jamie Blackley wrote in suggesting we check out this gorgeous video Mark Bramley edited together from 10,000 stills and some handheld footage he shot during a recent trip to Tokyo where he had two days to himself (jelly!). It’s rad from start-to-finish but we especially enjoyed the mass-transit wormhole (0:36), Gumby slidin’ (1:13), elevator pong-paddles (2:00) and the landing strip time-lapse (2:31). If you’re digging the backing tune – Parametaphoriquement by GMZ – go ahead and download it for (legal) freesies as it’s CC licensed on ccMixter.

Jamie also mentioned that it’s reminiscent of Shinkansen ver.2. We agree. Watch that shit if you haven’t already. Oh and Tokyo Slo-Mode, too; also good. Fuck it: just check out all the stuff we’ve posted about Japan, OK?

Thanks for the tip on this one, Jamie! Cheers!

[ Lost in Tokyo ]

Tokyo Slo-Mode

I’ve always wanted to travel to Japan. From my perspective as a westerner it seems as if going there would the closest I could get to visiting another planet without first having to leave this one. I can remember being in middle school during the early 90s and setting an alarm on Friday night so I wouldn’t forget to wake up and watch the Saturday Anime block on the Sci Fi network. Those mornings were formative for me: I’d be up before the sun, slack-jawed-and-in-awe in front of the tee-vee as my brain booted itself into consciousness on such audio/visual feasts as Record of the Lodoss War, Akira, Ghost in the Shell and Vampire Hunter D.

“Where did this come from? Who made this?”

The attached film by Alex Lee starts to answer those questions by stringing together a succession of fleeting moments that provide insight into this unique, vibrant place. The speed of the film will quickly shift from fast to slow and back again, pulling your focus into attention on a face, a movement or a landscape for a quick instant before moving on to find another, driving home the point that there’s plenty more to see. Alex’s choice for a backing track couldn’t have been more perfect; what better way to evoke another world then a collaboration between Flying Lotus and Thom Yorke?

This one’s a winner so gratitude is due to Aubrey for sending this one our way: it was a treat…thanks, Aubrey!