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The Formula

subBlue (of Surface Detail fame) created this fractal-based music video for The Formula, a deep-tech outfit currently signed to London-based Ho Hum Records. The visuals are, as you’d expect, quite nice; they compliment the brooding, ethereal (and sometimes dark) synths rather well and the spike/glow accentuation on the 2-4 clap/snaps wins it valuable bonus points. All in all, it’s a delicious bizarre journey (especially when things start to evolve about halfway through). Enjoy!

[ The Formula ]

Surface Detail

Tom Beddard, a.k.a. subBlue, brings the fractal goodness and for this, we are thankful. He’s currently, “working on a WebGL 3D fractal renderer that will let you explore structures like this in real time.”  Sweet.

[ Surface detail ]