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Second Summer

“Now when we kiss, I feel like physics are true;
The world, it spins; my body, begins with you.”

File under: LOLWAT

ADHD – Fox’s new late-night Adult Swim-esque animation block – put together these bizarre visuals for L.A. synthpop outfit, Y△CHT. Enjoy!

Credit is due to Z and Zak for the suggestion…thanks for writing in, guys!


The Doldrums

Cheers to R.E. for sending us this fun, zone-out-retro-eye-candy music video created by Plastic Horse to promote Paul White‘s latest album, Rapping With Paul White. You can download The Doldrums as well as a few other choice cuts from the aforementioned release for free by clicking here or, if you’re willing to part with $9, the entire 26 tracks from either bandcamp or iChoons. Enjoy!

[ Paul White - The Doldrums [Animated Video] ]

Fox Retro

We’re loving this rad promo PUNGA did for FOX Retro, an Italian-only network that rebroadcasts classic American television. The tight, fluid animation with its seamless transitions from 2D to 3D (and back again) are a real treat to watch and the accompanying music/sound design by Daniele Carmosino perfectly compliments the visuals. It takes lots of talented folks to pull off something this polished, click here to see a complete credit listing. Enjoy!

[ Fox Retro ]


It’s hard to explicate what it is about synthesizers that elicits an instinctual positive response from the music approval synapses of my brain. With all this recent deadmau5, dubstep and ‘electro’ business as of late I sometimes have to remind myself that people used to hate this shit. It’s worth noting that I never liked electronic music simply because ‘they’ hated it; I liked it because I liked it. But why? I dunno. I think part of it has to do with the lack of vocals – I’m partial to constructing my own personal narratives when the headphones are on – or maybe it was because these sounds were often found alongside subject matter about technology, a subject I’ve always been enamored with. But that’s not entirely it either. There’s something about synthesizers that transports me to somewhere else which, it turns out, is a place I’m constantly trying to get to. In that regard Com Truise fits the bill. Ghostly International describes him as the ‘master of the transporting synth odyssey’. They’re his label so we can forgive the hyperbole but still, the description is apt.

The video itself, like the tune, is decidedly retro and seasoned throughout with numerous stylistic nods to the early 80s but don’t dismiss the 10lb Pictures created visuals as merely a lazy grab for nostalgia. There’s a tasteful restraint at work here that has brought me back for additional viewings. The flavors are ‘right’; it works. Grab your headphones, click full screen and above all else: enjoy!

[ Com Truise - "Brokendate" ]

Invisible Light

“At the doors of Babylon, You are my Zion;
Pacing Tiger, the keeper’s cage.
Invisible light shoots from your eyes,
A sign I can see from my high rise.”

Barcelona-based creative house, CANADA, put together this bizarre 70’s tinged music video for the always-danceable Scissor Sisters.

NSFW Warning: This video as a few, brief shots that feature bare female breasts so don’t click play if you’re at work.

[ Scissor Sisters - Invisible Light ]


“As his planet boils in the glow of a cascading Tesseract a young femto-panda named David Xenon makes a brave attempt to warn the galaxy…”

Holy shit! This is awesome!  Tony Comley is the chap responsible for putting together this super-rad music video for Gameshow Outpatient. Serving suggestion: full screened, lights dimmed and headphones on; give it your undivided attention folks.

Gameshow Outpatient was cool enough to make the EP that this tune comes from – We Go Dream Team – available as a free download. Thanks again for the free stuff, internet!

[ D N A U X B ]


Pixels is a well-made animated short featuring classic video game characters wreaking havoc all over New York city. From start to finish this is nothing but 8-bit entertainment. I think Patrick Jean needs to get working on another trippy project, don’t you?

[ Pixels ]

Derezzed - Official Music Video

Warren Fu stepped up and knocked it out of the park for Derezzed’s official video. It channels the original Tron far more than ‘Legacy’ and I love the overall aesthetic.

[ DAFT PUNK - DEREZZED (Official Video) ]

The Dude can’t dance

Ignoring Jeff Bridges

Can you tell I’m pumped for Tron: Legacy?

[ Ignoring Jeff Bridges by MrSinistar ]

American Software

I have no idea what’s going on in this short film (apparently it’s about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates?) by Gianluca Fallone but I don’t really care because it was such a treat to watch.  The Ratatat fueled soundtrack certainly helps.

[ American Software ]

Runs with dinosaurs


DINO-RUN is simple, fun game from the 8-bit-alicious folks at pixeljam where you try to outrun extinction.  Best of luck!