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The Cat Piano

“So you’ve heard of every instrument but?
Torn from your history books is this pianola,
This harpsichord of harm.
The cruelest instrument to spawn from man’s grey cerebral soup.
The Cat Piano.”

KC Gordon posted this gem to our Facebook wall over a week ago and it’s a shame that it took us so long to get it up on the site. ‘The Cat Piano’ is a fantastic eight-and-a-half minute animated short based on a poem by Eddie White. Eddie, along with Ari Gibson, directed the film, Nick Cave provided the narration and animation duties were expertly handled by The People’s Republic of Animation. The whole film is great but we especially enjoy the sequence that starts at 4:52. Enjoy!

Thanks for the heads-up, KC! If you’ve got anything that you think would be perfect for The Tripatorium™ you can submit your suggestions either here on the site or on our Facebook page.

[ The Cat Piano ]