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Lights down, full-screen and the volume way up. Strap in and enjoy the latest (seventh) installment in the excellent BRDG series from +MUS.

Choons by Yaporigami; visuals by Daihei Shibata + Hiroshi Sato.

[ [BRDG007] PLMS_IV_D (SyncBody) ]

hazcauch × vokoi

Max is a visual programming language for music and multimedia developed and maintained by San Francisco-based software company Cycling ‘74. During its 20-year history, it has been widely used by composers, performers, software designers, researchers, and artists for creating innovative recordings, performances, and installations.”

BRDG is an audio/visual project of +MUS, an electronic music label that arose from the Tokyo Max Users Group, a grassroots network of artists and geeks whose aim is to share techniques, disseminate information and hold events centered around Max/MSP/Jitter.

This, the fourth/latest release of BRDG is a collaboration between the Kobe based electronica producer hazcauch and VJ/Max-aficionado vokoi. Videos like these can easily devolve into filter overload where tasteful restraint is cast aside in favor of displaying as many ‘cool fx’ as possible. vokoi avoids this trap by letting the emotional cues in the music dictate the intensity so when it’s dialed back (at 1:17, for instance) it primes the pump for the transition to four-on-the-floor (at 1:50) and the eventual return of the break beats (2:22).

So yeah, get those headphones out, crank the volume and get this loaded full-screen. Enjoy!

[ [BRDG004] hazcauch × vokoi ]