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'Thirsty' by Risquillo (
'Thirsty' by Risquillo ('The Gateway to Iceland' by Skarphedinn Thrainsson ('Barn Owl' by Robert Adamec ('Halleluja' by mathieu irthum ('Dessert' by Alexander Taranin ('Folding Lava' by Justin Reznick (

I spend the majority of my time staring at a screen which, honestly, has been my primary goal since adolescence; no complaints here. But, like with anything having to do with our in-built desires, balance is necessary and recently my life has sorely lacked it. I’m going away to the mountains this weekend for some much needed relaxation and the closer it gets the more I’m anxious to reconnect with nature – ergo this post. OK, so it’s still taking place via a computer but, whatever…baby steps, right?

Anywho, if you want get a dose of the great outdoors via assembled grids of red, blue and green pixels there’s no better place than All of the attached photos are from there.

One more thing: you guys are awesome. Thanks for all the suggestions; I still can’t believe how much cool shit gets sent to my inbox er’ryday. Keep ‘em coming. Cheers!

P.S. Click here for moar nature-goodness on The Tripatorium™.

P.P.S. If you haven’t seen Nature by Numbers yet you should probably get on that shit.

[ Nature on ]

Boabab Trees

Boabab Trees

“Adansonia is a genus of eight species of tree, six native to Madagascar, one native to mainland Africa and the Arabian Peninsula and one to Australia. The mainland African species also occurs on Madagascar, but it is not a native of that island…more

Did you know that 85% of all plant and animal life on Madagascar is found nowhere else on the planet? I recently learned that little factoid (among many other fascinating things) while reading William Finnegan‘s ‘Slow and Steady’, an excellent article about the black market that has sprung up surrounding the almost-extinct ploughshare tortoise in the January 2012 issue of The New Yorker. If you can get your hands on a copy I recommend you check it out.

If anyone knows who took this picture please drop us a line so we can update the post with the proper credit attribution.

[ Madagascar ]



[ Best pic I ever found here. ]

Some Slow Magic

Been a while since my last post here, so I wanted it to be a good one. While on Vimeo, I searched for ‘gorgeous’ and this is the first video that popped up. Not what I was looking for, but by all means a worthwhile diversion. It’s a video for the track ‘Corvette Cassette” by the band Slow Magic. Video done pretty much completely by Brendan Canty of Feel Good Lost. Hold on tight when the kaleidoscopic action kicks off about halfway through. Enjoy!

[ Slow Magic // Corvette Cassette ]

Project Noah

“Project Noah is a tool to explore and document wildlife and a platform to harness the power of citizen scientists everywhere”.

In other words, Project Noah is yet another way the internet is allowing people to gather their data and information and share it with the world, That data, in this case, is beautiful (and often trippy, of course) photos of nature at it’s most intriguing and complex. Check out their full gallery for more, and see what people are submitting to the site currently.

[ Project Noah ]


Brad Kremer shot these gorgeous time lapse sequences of Tokyo, Matsuyama, Imabari, Nagano, Gifu, and Ishizushisan during a 2009 summer trip to Japan. The first half is a buzzing, Röyksopp-backed, energetic romp through busy city streets while the second act mellows out (no doubt helped by the ambient strains of The Album Leaf), shifting the focus to the unique coastlines, rolling hills and foggy mountains of Japan’s iconic natural landscape. It’s just the right length too – almost eight full minutes – so grab your headphones, get the full-screen up ons and enjoy the scenery.

[ Hayaku: A Time Lapse Journey Through Japan ]

Gargoyle Gecko

'Eye of the Gecko' by Bal Soora

Bal Soora took this fantastic photograph of his son’s Gargoyle Gecko, a species (Rhacodactylus auriculatus) unique to the southern end of New Caledonia.

[ The Eye of the Gecko ]

Aqueous by Mark Mawson

from 'Aqueous II' by Mark Mawson
from 'Aqueous II' by Mark Mawsonfrom 'Aqueous II' by Mark Mawsonfrom 'Aqueous II' by Mark Mawsonfrom 'Aqueous II' by Mark Mawsonfrom 'Aqueous II' by Mark Mawsonfrom 'Aqueous II' by Mark Mawson

Arian wrote in and tipped us off to these wonderful alien liquid-scapes by Mark Mawson. We selected our personal favorites to feature here but there’s loads more to see on both the Aqueous and Aqueous II project pages.

Thanks, Arian!

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[ Aqueous II - The Sequel ]

Enal and his pet shark

'Enal and his pet shark' by James Morgan

“Traditional Bajau cosmology - a syncretism of animism and Islam - reveals a complex relationship with the ocean, which for them is a multifarious and living entity. There are spirits in currents and tides, in coral reefs and mangroves…more

I absolutely love this photograph James Morgan took of Enal, a young Bajau in Indonesia, playing with Wangi Wangi, his pet shark, that he keeps in a pen underneath his stilted house in Wangi, Indonesia. Read more about the Bajau, the last true nomads of the sea, and see loads more fantastic pictures over at James Morgan’s site.

[ The Bajau Laut via Neatorama ]

Ink + Water: Alberto Seveso

by Alberto Seveso (
by Alberto Seveso ( Alberto Seveso ( Alberto Seveso ( Alberto Seveso ( Alberto Seveso ( Alberto Seveso (

Italian artist/designer/illustrator/photographer, Alberto Seveso, dropped colored ink into water and then photographed it at high-speed. Brilliant. He was kind enough to create a series of hi-res wallpapers using the same technique. Also brilliant. See more of Alberto’s work on his website.

[ Disastro Ecologico (wallpaper serie) via Unstage ]

Hey, Joopita!

Jupiter's Great Red Spot

psst! you should definitely click for the full size on this one

Never seen Jupiter’s “Great Red Spot” so up close, er, zoomed in. Pretty rad.

[ Great Red Spot ]

Northern Lights Post #3

While I’m aware that respondcreate already posted some great content relating to our most impressive of natural phenomenons, I thought I would go ahead and throw this video up on the site because, well, it’s a video, it’s in HD, and it’s stunning. Terje Sorgjerd captured one of the largest Aurora Borealis events in years as it occurred over national parks bordering Russia (so think remote, wild, and very very cold). He has some other great HD videos up, so check them all out, especially the one detailing the beauty of Norway and it’s landscape.

[ The Aurora via Buzzfeed ]

World of Clouds by David Kaplan

'Orion and the Sea of Fog' by David Kaplan
'Orion and the Sea of Fog' by David Kaplan'Acherlipass at witching hour' by David Kaplan'Daybreak Part 1' by David Kaplan'Daybreak Part 3' by David Kaplan'Sea of Fog at Acherlipass' by David Kaplan'World Between Clouds' by David Kaplan

David Kaplan takes gorgeous photographs of the Swiss landscape – my favorites are the time lapses of clouds he takes at night. See lots more on his Flickr stream or website.

[ dmkdmkdmk's photostream on Flickr via Gizmodo ]

24 Hour View

'24 Hour View of The Sky' by Chris Kotsiopoulos

“After wondering for some time whether it was possible to image the sky from one morning to the next where I live in Athens Greece, I decided to give it a try. After hours of planning and preparation, and a full day of shooting, the image above is the result of this labor of love. It took me about 12 hours to pull together and process a single image that included over 500 star trails, 35 shots of the Sun and 25 landscape pictures…more” -Chris Kotsiopoulos

[ Twenty Four Hour View of the Sky via Gizmodo ]


One of my all-time favorite music videos from one of my all-time favorite electronic acts, Röyksopp. Both the imagery and music is warm and comforting – it’s a feel good journey all the way around. Enjoy!

[ Eple ]

Nice view

Yo dawg, I heard you like hills…

[ Hachiko via StumbleUpon ]


A simple idea painstakingly executed by German filmmaker, Tilman Singer. Well done!

[ Skateboardanimation ]

Dancing in the rain

'Dancing in the rain' by Yasemin Kahraman

We have Yasemin Kahraman to thank for this fantastic photograph of sparrows enjoying the rain in a field of wheat.

[ Dancing in the rain by Yasemin Kahraman ]

Pigeon Puzzle

'Shadow Birds' by Alexei Bednij

I love how none of the shadows (or birds for that matter) are touching in this photograph by Alexei Bednij.

[ тени отбрасывают птиц via Design You Trust ]

In the deep blue

'In the deep blue' by Gil Gautier

This great photograph by Gil Gautier looks like it was taken on an alien world.

[ In the deep blue by Gil Gautier ]