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Take Your Medicine

Come on, get up and on your feet;
Beyond refuge of troubled sleep.
Have I had enough? Or did I take too much?

Oh em gee! This shit is the dopeness y’all; easily an instant classic of The Tripatorium™. If you’re a regular visitor to this site you will guaranteed-love this music video directed by Nader Husseini for San Diego based rock outfit, Transfer. I’m having a hard time encapsulating why I enjoy it so much with just a couple of sentences: is it the giant demon beast with a dolphin-esque skull steadily keeping the beat on an array of floating drums? The exploration of substance abuse/dependence that culminates in a cascade of pills spilling forth from aforementioned aquatic mammalian skull monster? How the rich, undulating textures and muted color palette support the steady emotional build-up breakdown? There, I’ve done it: it’s all of those things together, at once. Enjoy the ride…

To see a complete list of the talented dudes and dudettes involved in making of ‘Take Your Medicine’ as well as a lengthy list of it’s awards/nominations click here.

[ "Take Your Medicine" by Transfer | Official Music Video ]