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We Got Time

“You say, ‘We are we going?’
I guess there’s just no way of knowing.
But we got time, yeah, we got time.”

The brilliant minds at David Wilson Creative – the talented folks behind Let Go which, if you haven’t seen it already, needs to be instantly promoted to the tippity-top of your ‘Shit I Need To Watch’ queue – are responsible for the visuals in this music video for Moray McLaren. All the animation was created in camera by filming the mirror reflection of individually crafted phenakistoscopic discs mounted on a spinning turntable. The only ‘trickery’ happens in the simple wipes that transition from the footage of one disc to the next in order to keep the narrative flow.

We dig it and so did the judges at the UK Music Video Awards who named it ‘Best Budget Video – Rock, Indie, Alternative’ for 2009. Enjoy!

[ Moray McLaren - We Got Time ]