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Micaël Reynaud, a webdesigner, animator, illustrator, photographer from Montpellier, created this animation with portraits from Michael Jang‘s Summer Weather series. The way the images blend, morph, evolve and interact with each other is deliriously hypnotic which, when combined the spacey, ambient synths of Memory Tapes, amplifies the vibe considerably. It’s gorgeous, trippy business friends so do yourself a favor and watch this in full-screen 1080p with a nice pair of headphones on. Enjoy!

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Yes I Know

If you enjoy the mind-bending and the bizarre then prepare to meet one of your new favorite videos. Eric Epstein conceived, directed, edited, animated and composited – with production assistance from m ss ng p eces – this monster of a music video for Memory Tapes. It’s perfect viewing material for a late-night weekend decompression and chill session so we heartily recommend you watch it on the largest, highest-definition screen you’ve got. The whole thing is weird, well executed and wonderful but we especially enjoyed the flocking birds sequence at the end. All-in-all a treat, friends – enjoy!

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