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One and Three Four

In the weeks since sharing Masanobu Hiraoka‘s Land I’ve come back and re-watched it at least a dozen times. His ability to change composition with unbroken, constantly-evolving morphs – as opposed to the more traditionally-employed cut – consistently rewards an additional viewing; each one yields another subtle treasure I overlooked the first (or second or third or…) time.

In the attached, a music video for Yoshiharu Abe‘s ONE AND THREE FOUR, Mr. Hiraoka experiments with how his psychedelic liquid transitions appear when kaleidoscopically mirrored and/or confined to a nearly-omnipresent circular frame. It reminds me a lot of both Celyn Brazier‘s stellar animation for Chunkothy and Ori Toor’s work which is about the highest praise I can give.

Full-screen HD for sure, kiddos. ENJOY!

P.S. If you haven’t seen (or seen-in-a-while) either Chunkothy or our many Ori Toor posts, I recommend you set aside some time to check ‘em out.

P.P.S. Our kaleidoscope feed is pretty rad, too.


Mind Control

“I don’t want the right to be rude, I just want the right to be cool –
However I chose to do it, I do whatever I chose to be or whom.
Hey I don’t need your money, I can grow my own food.
I don’t need your beauty standard, I can be my own dude.
And I don’t pay tuition, I can be my own school.
I don’t need your prescriptions, I can change my own mood.”

I was alive in the early eighties but didn’t become cognizant of its peculiar pop-cultural flavors until years later when I’d embark on mid-day marathons of tee-vee re-runs. I enjoyed playing outside sure, but there’s something about being locked into a screen that I’ve always found cathartic. I felt guilty about it then but I’m not sure why; whenever I’d try to tune out some inner voice would chime in, reminding me that I was wasting precious time. In all honesty, I figured it was God trying to communicate that I was sinning but – considering I’ve ruled that line of reasoning out – I’m returning to these old shame-markers in an attempt to unpack them.

Almost immediately after I began watching the attached, random memories surfaced of couch-locked sunny Summer afternoons where I allowed my brain to spool itself down to catharsis via hours-long binges on such shows as Airwolf, Knight Rider, A-Team and Mission Impossible. I don’t know when the compulsion to cram my head with media started but, as far as I can tell, the fixation has always been with me; it’s what I love to do.

I know now that, in this regard, television was an aperitif, a mere warm-up to the full-on high that would deliver itself in stunning revelatory clarity when I first found the internet. I still hold affection for the older form, one in which it was someone’s else’s job to decide what I’d see next. There’s a sentimental comfort in watching simple characters act out uncomplicated plots (whose resolution you could reliably guess by paying close attention to the first few scenes) over a grainy analog signal.

In that regard, this music video for Brooklyn-based Friends – directed by Hiro Murai – delivers handily, leveraging a heavy nostalgia vector without getting too mired in it; there’s a modernity to the execution that keeps it fresh. I’m down. Plus: kaleidoscopes. Fuck yeah.

[ Friends "Mind Control" ]

Changing The Rain

Just a heads-up: you might not be able to watch the video here (if you can’t then click here). Why? VEVO. My disdain for the service is well documented but I’ve softened a bit and think a personal grudge towards a distribution model (with an unnecessarily shitty user experience) is a poor reason to not share these tasty bits with y’all. Plus, if MADE ever uploads a HD version to their Vimeo account I’ll just update the post. You dig?

Anywho, this shit is doooooooope; a glorious four-and-a-half minute technicolor psychedelic romp down geometric wormholes, past kaleidoscopic alien abductions and into the mouth of God. Full 1080p too, so get this shit full screen.

Pete Fowler directed this one and, if you’re not familiar with his work, I recommend you head over to his Flickr account immediately; his bold graphic style is a treat. Oh, and if The Horrors intoxicating blend of starry-eyed, psychedelic, rambling synth-drenched rock is your thing I recommend you check out Skying for lots more of the same. It’s the kind of album you’d want on a road trip; it’s cinematic but contemplative, bright and big but a bit lazy, too. It’s all rather nice really and easily worth the ten bucks.

A HUUUUGE thanks is due to Naz for sending this one our way…cheers!

[ The Horrors - Changing The Rain ]

The Work of Andy Gilmore

'Hemicube (Detail)' by Andy Gilmore (
'Hemicube (Detail)' by Andy Gilmore ('11-21-2011' by Andy Gilmore ('07-27-2011' by Andy Gilmore ('Red Shift (Framed)' by Andy Gilmore ('2-9-2012' by Andy Gilmore ('12-14-2011' by Andy Gilmore (

“A master of color and geometric composition, Andy Gilmore’s work is often characterized as kaleidoscopic and hypnotic, though it could just as well be described as visually acoustic, his often complex arrangements referencing the scales and melodies in music…” (more)

I first discovered Andy Gilmore whilst perusing Ghostly’s free-to-download wallpapers page. Even among all the truly top-flight work on display there Andy’s distinct, colorful, geometric and just down-right pleasing images stood out. The Hemicube is currently occupying the base layer of pixels on my Air and a few times already today I’ve employed Exposé to quickly sweep aside any obscuring windows to take in the whole image.

The six images selected here for your perusal were found during a quick once-over of Andy’s massive, seven page archive that houses, at present, one-hundred and fifty four images. So if this didn’t sate your appetite (and why would it?) visit there for a more considered, patient browsing session. Oh, and if you want some that are a suitable size to adorn your desktop just head on over to Ghostly, they’ll take good care of you.

Can I suggest an appropriate auditory accompaniment for your ear drums while your eyes take the colors in? If you’re up for it, give a listen to Get Better John by Mux Mool. I recently picked up his latest album, Planet High School on iTunes and, since then, it’s been in constant rotation through my headphones. Needless to say, I highly recommend you check it out.

[ Andy Gilmore ]

Some Slow Magic

Been a while since my last post here, so I wanted it to be a good one. While on Vimeo, I searched for ‘gorgeous’ and this is the first video that popped up. Not what I was looking for, but by all means a worthwhile diversion. It’s a video for the track ‘Corvette Cassette” by the band Slow Magic. Video done pretty much completely by Brendan Canty of Feel Good Lost. Hold on tight when the kaleidoscopic action kicks off about halfway through. Enjoy!

[ Slow Magic // Corvette Cassette ]


Michael Chichi, the man at the chewy center of Synaptic Stimuli, made this psychedelic kaleidoscope remix of Optimist, a film by Brian Thomson that was shot at Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple‘s annual Festival of Colors. It’s three-and-a-half minutes of floating mellow vibes buoyed by the ambient, dreamy sounds of Tycho. Enjoy the colors, y’all.

Click here to continue the chill.

[ Optimist (Collidescopic redux/remix) ]


“Filmed using a Motion Control Camera Rig. No computer generated effects or compositing utilized.”

I’ve watch this video a few times now and have been trying to figure out how Calvin Frederick pulled off such fluid movement sans computer generated effects/compositing. It’s not just impressive filmmaking techniques that drew me to ‘Bermuda’; it’s kaleidoscopic abstract aesthetic, vaguely unsettling music (by Daniel Walter Eaton) and infinite hall-of-mirrors framing all combine to create a truly intriguing viewing experience. It’s a feast for the eyes, friends. Enjoy the strangeness!

[ Bermuda ]

Valleys of Neptune

This video has been out for a while now – over a year actually, which is basically forever in internet time – but we didn’t know about it ‘til Missy Shedlock suggested it to us back in May. We instantly loved it but refrained from posting cause, well, we couldn’t. Sure, it existed and all but never in a state that fulfilled the two core tenets of The Tripatorium™ simple, stringent posting policy:
1. Always search for an HD version of a video and, if found, post that one.
2. Any video that is posted must be watchable on the site.

The video Melissa sent in was in gorgeous 1080p HD but, because it was posted by VEVO (curses!), it had embedding disabled. Which is so inexplicably strange to me. They understand that I want to advertise their content for free, right? That I want to spread the word about the recently-released Jimi Hendrix album comprised of completely new material without expectation of payment of any kind? And they wonder why their precious ‘industry’ continues to hemorrhage money. It should also be noted that we found it on Vimeo but it was in standard-def (bummer).

Anyways, the video is so fucking great that I got fed up with waiting for someone else to rip and upload it that I did it myself with the handy-dandy Easy YouTube Video Downloader. I’m confident Jimi would be pleased with the bang-up, psychedelic, kaleidoscopic and colorful treatment String Theory employed to pull it all together. I also like to think Mr. Hendrix would be a fan of our humble little website if he were still around today so do yourself a favor and wait to watch this one until you’ve got enough time set aside to let the 1080p load full-screen and access to a nice sound system/pair of headphones that will enable you to give your maximum attention to the sonic stylings of a true master. Enjoy!

Thanks for sending this one in, Missy! Our sincerest apologies for not getting it up on the site sooner.

[ Jimi Hendrix - Valleys Of Neptune ]

She Just Likes to Fight

chutieboy took some time-lapse footage shot by Philip Bloom, kaleidoscope-o-fied it and then set it to some chilled-out Four Tet. After being subjected to our stringent approval process this video was unanimously deemed, ‘Suitable for mellow reflection and contemplation after a long weekend of merry-making.’ Recommended use instructions: full screen HD and headphones. Enjoy!

[ Four Tet-ulizer - She Just Likes to Fight ]

Oh gee Oh why

”...or how to mastermind a nonsensical parade following a cock-a-hoop bestiary into the doors of infinity.”

Five second-year students at French school-of-awesome, Gobelins – Hanne Galvez, Yoann Hervo, Juliette Laurent, Stephanie Mercier and Pierre Zenzuis – put together this fantastic, trippy, bizarre and wonderful animated short that was exhibited as one of the many opening films that kicked off this year’s Annecy, the legendary international animation film festival. If this is what they’re making now during their second year, imagine what their graduation films will be like. Enjoy!

P.S. If you’re into process, be sure to check out this great Röyksopp-backed ‘making of’ video that Juliette put together.

[ Oh gee Oh why ]


Colorful time lapse photography + Björk + Ratatat * Kaleidoscopic filtering = Some trippy business. Full-screen this bitch and bask in the vibes, friends.

Well done, RebootYourComputer, well done.

[ Kaleido-Lapse (Wanderlust -Björk (Ratatat Remix)) ]


Loving this Clemens Habicht directed music video for Tame Impala that was filmed entirely with a 360° camera. The proceedings shift from ‘cool’ to ‘magical’ at about half-way through when night falls and the flares come out. Diggin’ the tune, too (they describe their sound as ‘psychedelic hypno-groove melodic rock’)  – it’s good-times all-around friends.

P.S. Mr. Habicht also directed the ‘Skeleton Boy’ video tizmatti posted back in November.

[ Tame Impala - Expectation ]


Celyn Brazier directed and animated this video for Wagon Christ, one of the many aliases of Luke Francis Vibert and an arrow in the reliably excellent Ninja Tune quiver, with some help from his colleagues at Nexus Productions. Perfect for a late-night-chilled-out-full-screened-headphones-on session of reflection and relaxation. Cheers!

[ Wagon Christ Chunkothy Promo (official music video) ]


Rickster shot some footage with his iPhone on the train after leaving a Vimeo event in Amsterdam and then kaleidoscope‘d it for our viewing pleasure. The whole video is good but things get great at the 2:00 mark when the cars and graffiti start showing up. Enjoy!

[ Ex•pan•sions ]


Music and visuals from one of my favorites, beeple. Enjoy!

[ beeple:IV.7 ]


Julian Briggs was kind enough to submit this Bilal video for our perusal.  It’s directed by super-talent Flying Lotus and Erykah Badu makes a cameo appearance which is rather nice. Enjoy!

Thanks, Julian!

[ Bilal "Levels" ]


At first I though Samuel Pressman & Isaac Bauman‘s decision to make this video so flicker-y was a mistake (seriously, if you have epilepsy you might not want to watch this one) but the haunting, emotional sounds of Blackbird Blackbird kept me enthralled and, by the end, I was really digging the execution. So much so, in fact, that I immediately watched it two more times. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

[ Blackbird Blackbird - PURE (official music video) ]

The Splendor of Color

If you’re a regular of this site than I’m quite certain this video from hdcolors will be right up your alley. Ten minutes of 1080p, color-drenched kaleidoscopes served alongside peaceful ambient music. Nice.

See more on the hdcolors YouTube page or, if you’d like to watch it for hours uninterrupted on your teevee, you can check out the DVDs/Blu-rays they have for sale.

[ The Splendor of Color HD: A Kaleidoscope Video (Ten Minute Demo) ]