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One night to be confused, one night to speed up truth;
We had a promise made, four hands and then away.
Both under influence, we had divine sense,
To know what to say; mind is a razorblade.

Heartbeats is one of my favorite tunes, whether it’s this cover the original by The Knife, the original by José Gonzalez‘s cover or Rex The Dog’s remix (my personal favorite). The official music video – directed by Johannes Nyholm, Andreas Nilsson and Bo Melin – is a treat but it’s hard to put my finger on exactly why I like it so much. After some reflection I realized that, in part, it made me feel nostalgic. Which is weird, cause I was never into skateboarding or grew up in the 60/70s. If you can make me nostalgic for a period I never existed in then, well done sirs.

EDIT (2/25/11): A regular reader of the site, Adrian, has informed me that ‘Heartbeats’ was originally written by The Knife and not José Gonzalez as I had originally stated above. Turns out he was right so my sincere apologies. Giving proper credit where credit is due is very important to The Tripatorium™ so if you find anything amiss don’t hesitate to drop us a line. Thanks for sending in that correction, Adrian!

[ The Knife - Heartbeats ]