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Selections from the Universal Monsters Show at Mondo Gallery

'The Trip' by Drew Millward (
'The Trip' by Drew Millward ('The Mummy' by Rick Baker ('Frankenstein' by Graham Erwin ('Wolfball' by James Groman ('Mutant from Metaluna' by Scarecrowoven ('The Bride of Frankenstein (Detail)' by Jason Edmiston (

Mondo Gallery in Austin opened it’s doors on October 19th for their Universal Monsters gallery show and (thankfully) Scott Wampler from Collider was there to snap lots of fantastic hi-res photos of the gorgeous artwork on display. The six attached to this post are but a small sampling of the 90+ taken at the event so, if you’re interested in seeing more, just click this hyperlink.

Happy Halloweeeeen! Mwah-ha-ha-ha!!

[ Limited Paper: Mondo Unleashes the UNIVERSAL MONSTERS at the Mondo Gallery; Check Over 90 Images from the Event! ]