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Ink + Water: Alberto Seveso

by Alberto Seveso (
by Alberto Seveso ( Alberto Seveso ( Alberto Seveso ( Alberto Seveso ( Alberto Seveso ( Alberto Seveso (

Italian artist/designer/illustrator/photographer, Alberto Seveso, dropped colored ink into water and then photographed it at high-speed. Brilliant. He was kind enough to create a series of hi-res wallpapers using the same technique. Also brilliant. See more of Alberto’s work on his website.

[ Disastro Ecologico (wallpaper serie) via Unstage ]

Match & Flame

Bizarre, alien and just plain weird.  Just think, this happens every time you strike a match.  Existence takes on a whole new dimension of wonder when seen from the perspective of 2000 frames-per-second macro-vision. Thanks, UltraSlo!

My only complaint is that there’s no soundtrack, I feel like the right tune could take this video to a whole new level of great. Anyone out there got any ideas?  If so, rip the video, put it to a tune you think appropriate, post it to the ‘Tubes or Vimeo (making sure, of course, to give full credit to UltraSlo for the original source material), and send us the link to where we can see it. I’ll feature the best one, right here on the site, and serve up some linkage of your choosing. The deadline for submissions is 12am ET this coming Monday the 24th (that means late Sunday night). You dig?

[ Match and flame in Extreme Close Up UltraSlo ]

Coalescence Cascade

Behold! The coalescence cascade! (That would make a great band name, btw.)

[ Waterdrop shot in 10000 frames a second via Gizmodo ]

Edward Horsford’s Balloons

'Patch Explored' by Edward Horsford
'Patch Explored' by Edward Horsford'In The Air' by Edward Horsford'Liquid' by Edward Horsford'This is no joke, Mr. Yoke' by Edward Horsford'Tomatoey' by Edward Horsford'Collapsed Explored' by Edward Horsford

Edward Horsford filled up some water balloons and then snapped pictures at the precise moment he popped them.  My favorites are the ones where you can still see bits of the crinkling balloon’s skin. There’s a bunch more in his Flickr stream.

[ Edward Horsford's Flickr Stream via Gizmodo ]

Popcorn Popping at 6200 frames per second

Even at that speed the action is pretty quick. The strange part is that it appears to take off before the kernel ‘fluffs’, I wonder why that’s the case…

Also, now I’m hungry.

[ High Speed Video of Popcorn Popping - 6200 fps, playback @ 25 fps via Gizmodo ]