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Absolutely loving Mathias Lachal’s graduation film from his time at Emile Ecole. The fluidity of motion his animation exhibits reminds me a lot of Shinichirō Watanabe‘s work, especially the smooth action sequences in Samurai Champloo. We expect great things from Mathias in the future and will be keeping close watch on his Vimeo account.

A big thanks goes to Tyler Vanston for another fantastic suggestion. Speaking of suggestions, we’ve been inundated with lots of great submissions over the past few weeks and are doing our best to catch up. Be assured: we check out each-and-every one so keep em’ coming, friends.

[ Chute (Fall) ]


A simple idea painstakingly executed by German filmmaker, Tilman Singer. Well done!

[ Skateboardanimation ]

Superior, Speed Fly

I have lots of recurring themes in my dreams – some awful, some amazingly great and lots of weird ones in between. One type that falls into the ‘amazingly great’ category is when I have the ability to jump great distances in a single bound. I crouch down, spring off and bound across beautiful landscapes; touching down for an instant every so often before taking off again. This video does an excellent job of showcasing what it’s like.

Cheers to Andrew Gordon for sending it in!

[ Superior, Speed Fly ]

Winch Madness

This video is a year old but I don’t kurr none!  Why? If you’ve already watched it then it’s definitely worth seeing again and, if you haven’t? You’re in for a treat.  Cheers to pixelworkers for shooting/producing/editing this gem and Justice for the soundtrack.

[ Winch Madness ]

Bobby D is pretty hungry

Into De Niro

A fearcondom classic.

[ Into De Niro by fearcondom ]