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The first rave I ever went to was in Harrisburg Pennsylvania circa 1999. It was a memorable evening overall but a single moment stands out: at one point I overheard someone say that a particular song ‘blissed them out.” I dunno, just a nice play on words. Anyways, whenever I hear Nick Bertke (a.k.a. Pogo’s) movie remixes I ‘bliss out’. They’re so nice.

We had posted ‘Alice’ before – which is great – but this one, constructed entirely with samples from Snow White, is a bit special in that it utilizes high-def rips from digital rescans of the original film. It’s gorgeous; there’s loads of warm, hand drawn detail in those cells which we’ve never had an opportunity to see in such fidelity before. Bonus.

As always, Nick’s music is available for name-your-price. Remember: when you support stuff you love, more stuff that you love gets made. Cheers!

[ Wishery (Snow White Remix) ]


“Destino is unique in that its production originally began in 1945, 58 years before its eventual completion. The project was a collaboration between American animator Walt Disney and Spanish painter Salvador Dalí, and features music written by Mexican songwriter Armando Dominguez and performed by Dora Luz…more

During production of Fantasia 2000 Walt Disney’s nephew, Roy, found some storyboards and a scant 17 seconds of animation that were created by Disney and Dali and decided to resurrect the long dormant project. If you’re interested, head on over to Destino’s wikipedia entry to read lots more.

A big thanks goes to kiefer printy for passing this gem along…cheers!

[ Salvador Dali - Destino. Walt Disney (2003) HD1080 ]


This video by Pogo, a.k.a. Nick Bertke, was composed entirely of chords and vocal samples taken directly from Disney’s 1951 animated classic Alice in Wonderland. After posting it up on the ‘tubes Nick garned a fair amount of attention which lead to loads of cool work for high-profile clients like Pixar. It’s good times all around so grab those headphones and bliss out for a while…

Thanks for sending this in, Jani Saarelainen! It should also be mentioned that Pogo’s entire music catalog is available via a name-your-price storefront. He’s even cool enough to accept ‘$0.00’ but if you’ve got a couple of bucks why not send it his way? This is the type of behavior we should be encourage, wouldn’t you agree?

[ Alice (Disney Remix) ]