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Digital w/ Dan Luvisi

Digital artist Dan Luvisi combines many of my favorite things in his artwork: robots, comic books, dinosaurs, sharks, jets shaped like sharks…I could go on and on. His coloring and shading is top notch, and his original characters stand out in a very unique way. it appears Dan is currently working on his own graphic novel titled “Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter”. Right now he’s mainly working on developing characters, but I am VERY excited to see where this thing goes.

[ adonihs on deviantART ]

Mar plz

Love the style of Andrew Mar’s artwork. It’s jagged, surreal, rooted in fantasy, but very precise and drawn with clear purpose. Well done, sir.

[ Marak24 DeviantArt ]

Straight up Wallin

Generation Kill by Andree Wallin
Generation Kill by Andree WallinWanna Play by Andree WallinRobots Inc. by Andree WallinMobilize by Andree WallinDuel by Andree WallinWar Cry by Andree Wallin

Why, oh why, couldn’t I have been born with the gift to be a terrific illustrator? Instead, I am forced to search the interwebs for artists such as Andree Wallin. Wallin uses just the right blend of traditional illustration and oil painting with digital retouching for my tastes. Plus, his works include a lot of robots, demons, and general sci-fi carnage, plus a few landscapes for good measure. Something for everyone! Full gallery at the link below.

[ andreewallin's deviantART gallery ]