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“To have it all, to have it all, to have it all, and still want more;
One thing’s for sure, one thing’s for sure, one thing’s for sure, we’re all getting older.
So we take a lover, so we take a lover, so we take a lover, waitin’ in the corner,
And before you know it, before you know it, before you know we’re pushing up the daisies.”

David Wilson Creative is teeming with talent. Their music videos are consistently top-notch and this one, a trippy, bisected journey through the wormhole of life – from birth to death and then back again – for The Maccabees, is no exception.

They also uploaded a super-rad making-of video that’s full of fascinating tidbits – like how it was shot entirely in one day (!!!) – as well as insight into their tools, process and inspiration. This quote, from David himself, shows how intentionally he approached each detail of the execution, “What was really important in terms of the edit…was essentially the percussive nature of the track. There’s lots of really nice accents and I really wanted to accentuate that…so we spent a lot of time finessing and working on the objects pulling apart to really make an impact on both the guitar parts and the drums throughout”.

Click here to see more David Wilson Creative work that we’ve posted to the site (Our favorite? Zero hesitation: Let Go) or here to check out their Vimeo account, a treasure trove or rad watchables. Their in-progress Advent series is especially nice. Enjoy!

[ The Maccabees - Pelican via Gizmodo ]

You Came Out

“The face paint animation film is made up of 4,816 separate stills. Each and every frame was hand-painted, shot, wiped off and redrawn, slightly differently for the next frame in order to create a seamless sequence. This time-consuming process involved the band members lying still for two consecutive days in a studio…more

Ida Gronblom & Fabian Berglund (of W+K) and David Wilson (one of the many talented directors at Blinkink) were tapped by We Have Band to direct/create this stop motion music video for their tune, You Came Out. We likey.

[ We Have Band - You Came Out (Official Music Video) ]

We Got Time

“You say, ‘We are we going?’
I guess there’s just no way of knowing.
But we got time, yeah, we got time.”

The brilliant minds at David Wilson Creative – the talented folks behind Let Go which, if you haven’t seen it already, needs to be instantly promoted to the tippity-top of your ‘Shit I Need To Watch’ queue – are responsible for the visuals in this music video for Moray McLaren. All the animation was created in camera by filming the mirror reflection of individually crafted phenakistoscopic discs mounted on a spinning turntable. The only ‘trickery’ happens in the simple wipes that transition from the footage of one disc to the next in order to keep the narrative flow.

We dig it and so did the judges at the UK Music Video Awards who named it ‘Best Budget Video – Rock, Indie, Alternative’ for 2009. Enjoy!

[ Moray McLaren - We Got Time ]

Let Go

David Wilson Creative pulled out all the stops to craft this video, “over an intensive 20 day period in September 2010”.  Lots of talented folks were involved in order to pull it off but I especially want to mention Keaton Henson, the video’s primary illustrator, who clearly played a big role in the overall aesthetic.  Take a minute to dim the lights and bask in the trippiness…

[ The Japanese Popstars Feat. Green Velvet - Let Go ]