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I, pet goat 2

“A story about the fire at the heart of suffering.”

Oh shit. Do yourself a favor and prime your environment for an optimal viewing experience – lights down, full-screen and volume up – this gem deserves your undivided attention.

The attached was created by the talented team at Heliofant, “a nascent independent computer animation studio focused on creating experimental and challenging content” based in the Laurentian mountains just north of Montreal. At present they’re 100% self-funded and you can ensure their next short comes ‘sooner’ rather than ‘later’ by dropping a few shekels into their Paypal.

My weekly album allowance was diverted their way, maybe you’ll consider something similar?

One more thing: Heliofant whipped-up some high-def wallpapers based on the film so follow this hyperlink if you’re in the market for a fresh coat of desktop pixels.

[ I, pet goat II ]

Feed me rainbows

File under: LOLWAT

Bizarre, polygonal visuals from Marco Morandi set to some ethereal, atmospheric tunes by Ninca Leece. Thanks again, internet!

[ Feed me rainbows ]


Lights down, full-screen and the volume way up. Strap in and enjoy the latest (seventh) installment in the excellent BRDG series from +MUS.

Choons by Yaporigami; visuals by Daihei Shibata + Hiroshi Sato.

[ [BRDG007] PLMS_IV_D (SyncBody) ]

Polarity Song

“Life can be so overrated but you are so entertaining’.
I won’t be manipulated just so I can get on through to your green grass under skies.
There’s no one like you; there’s no time like now…
Embrace the polarity of life and all the good and bad we share.
Engage the mystery of why we are the love in life we live.”

Do you guys remember Synesthesia? It was a super weird/rad little music video we posted back in February filled with food, cats and LOLWAT directed by Terri Timely. If you haven’t seen it yet, go on ahead...we’ll wait patiently until everyone’s ready.

This – Terri’s latest – is a collaboration with knit/crochet/craft/‘soft sculpture’ super-hero, Sarah Applebaum and, like Synesthesia, is suitably far-out. It depicts a hidden world populated by crochet-knit-mummy-wrapped bipeds within a typical thrift store/flea market who abduct dispassionate shoppers as they browse through an assortment of discarded detritus from the late-70s/80s/early-90s. The surface aesthetic could easily be categorized (and summarily dismissed as) ‘hipster kitsch’ and, though I’d concede the assessment, there’s an earnestness there – no doubt helped by the Caleb Pate and Nephi Evans’ lyrics – that squashes any cheap forays into self-indulgent irony. There’s redemption here; from within this impersonal commercial wasteland comes salvation whose identity springs not from aesthetic but from source: it’s the hand-crafted things that provide the creative energy and warmth.

Oh and it’s super-fucking strange, too; we love shit like this. The music is dope as well. Top marks to Seventeen Evergreen for creating original, compelling tunes and to Lucky Number Music for supporting this kind of art. Enjoy!

If you’re into this you might want to check out Lighthouse, too. Just sayin’.

[ Seventeen Evergreen - Polarity Song ]

Funky Trebek


It’s been quite a while since a YTMND was added to the site so I thought I’d fix that. This one by jimmm is a keeper so don’t hesitate to give it a watch.

[ FUNKY TREBEK by jimmm ]


“We’d been looking into an old 3D technique called “Anaglyph”, which is the familiar red and cyan version of 3d that you used to get on the back of cereal boxes. The more we looked at various images that used this technique, the more we fell in love with the colours and decided that they should drive the aesthetic of the piece…The song is full of light and shade; with euphoric melodies and skipping glitchy beats. It seemed to us that themes of ‘duality’ ran through both the song and our visual idea.”

Absolutely loving this music video BISON (a.k.a. Owen Silverwood and Dave Bullivant) put together for the Four Tet remix of ‘Vessel’ by Jon Hopkins (released by Domino and available now on iTunes & AmazonMP3). It’s ethereal, contemplative and gorgeous stuff – perfect for some rainy-day chillage. Big ups to Justine Josephs for the fantastic styling and Claire Meehan for lending her dance expertise, the two in tandem are a powerful combination. Cheers!

P.S. If you’re into dance, near Des Moines on Friday and want to get in one last great party before the Apocalypse then stop by Glaza Studio for End of Days – it looks like it’s going to be a pretty rad time.

[ Jon Hopkins - Vessel (Four Tet Remix) (2010) ]

Rotten Fruit

It’s some primal, tribal, ritual business all up ons in this Chris LaGarce directed music video for the Young Loves tune, Rotten Fruit. Enjoy!

[ YOUNG LOVES - ROTTEN FRUIT (official music video) ]


“Ariel, there was a fire in your house they say, and that your bedroom is all up in flames.
There was a fire in your house they say – they say you’ve been dancing with the devil.”

Another great release from Ninja Tune, this time from UK-based Stateless. The digital dance video (conveniently embedded in this post) was generously commissioned by Oscar & Ewan with improvisational dance duties handled by Dominic North.

P.S. If you’re interested in how the talented folks at FIELD made this video then you’ll probably want to click on this hypertext link.

[ Stateless – Ariel ]



Really diggin’ on biologicalcomponent‘s latest work, it reminds me of playing Virtual Boy for the first time in Lechmere back in the mid-90s.

[ C A R M E N C I T A by biologicalcomponent ]