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Adventures of a Glass Blower

I don’t think it’s presumptuous to conclude that, if you’re a fan of this site, you probably also appreciate good glass. I don’t know if you’d classify this as trippy in fact, I wouldn’t call it that at all – nevertheless I think it still has a home on the site. It’s a great watch; especially if you’ve got a piece of glassware nearby that you’re particularly fond of.

By the way, the craftsman you’re watching is an Aussie named Llewelyn Ash. Follow this hyperlink to see more of his work. Benjamin Dowie of Beanpole Productions is responsible for putting this film together and chose Featherstone by The Paper Kites as it’s soundtrack.

It’s a fantastic look into a talented individual’s unique, creative process. Enjoy.

[ Llewelyn Ash {Adventures of a Glass Blower} ]


“In the beginning there was nothing and in the middle of it was God.
Vast omnipotent and calm he hung in thoughts simmering and popping with fathomless tiny stars.
If time existed, much would pass before the God, young but wise, came to realize that even gods need conversation…”

This creation myth was written, directed and created by Tony Comley – the super-talented guy behind D N A U X B (If you haven’t watched that yet do so immediately; it’s fantastic.) – as part of the Animator in Residence program at the University of Wales. Tony, and the UoW students who were lucky enough to work with him, turned this around in only three weeks. Impressive. The entire piece was also animated entirely on a Powerbook G4. Even more impressive. The authoritative, gravelly and stoic voice-over is delivered by Roger Wooster backed with a score composed by Charlie Piper.

We’re big fans of how Tony animates his explosions, blips and ‘force waves’ (for lack of a better term); there’s a unique, expressive energy to each and every one. Truly a treat for the eyes. Enjoy!

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The Light of Life

There’s lots of stuff to say about this video – that it’s beautiful, enigmatic, warm, peaceful and ethereal (among many other hyperbolic adjectives) – but I just can’t get out of my mind what would be going through Mr. Claude Debussy’s mind when he saw what kind of visuals would be accompanying Claire de Lune in two-thousand and ten.

[ The Light of Life ]

A moment of creation

by Phil McDarby

[ Phil McDarby on CGSociety ]