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Oh gee Oh why

”...or how to mastermind a nonsensical parade following a cock-a-hoop bestiary into the doors of infinity.”

Five second-year students at French school-of-awesome, Gobelins – Hanne Galvez, Yoann Hervo, Juliette Laurent, Stephanie Mercier and Pierre Zenzuis – put together this fantastic, trippy, bizarre and wonderful animated short that was exhibited as one of the many opening films that kicked off this year’s Annecy, the legendary international animation film festival. If this is what they’re making now during their second year, imagine what their graduation films will be like. Enjoy!

P.S. If you’re into process, be sure to check out this great Röyksopp-backed ‘making of’ video that Juliette put together.

[ Oh gee Oh why ]