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The External World

Ann wrote in with a hyperlink to this 57 second long animation that David OReilly (remember ??????) made for Tim & Eric’s Saint’s Row promotional short film, “Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax” accompanied by a single sentence, “you could definitely file this under lolwat. Her categorization was dead on and we initialized our patent-pending Post To The Internet™ sequence as we figured it’d be something most of you would enjoy. One of the steps involved in the aforementioned ritual is checking if the artist in question – in this case David – has anything better that should be posted instead. He does!

The masthead of his website reads: ANIMATION, 3D, INTERNET, EPHEMERAL DRIVEL, FLEETING DISTRACTION, NONSENSE, CATS ETC and, according to that rubric, The External World delivers. It’s seventeen minutes of seemingly-disparate-at-first-but-eventually-interconnected infinitely bizarre vignettes. It’s awesome.

I should mention that an HD quicktime of this film is available for download if you’re willing to part with about $5. The purchase has no real value and is essentially ceremonial as The External World is freely available on both Vimeo and the ‘Tubes but, I decided to buy it anyways. Why? Well, for one, supporting art just feels good man. I also want to affirm this type of behavior and do what I can to fund whatever David will create next. Maybe you’ll consider doing it, too? In the meantime: enjoy the weirdness.

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Welcome to Kitty City

Hey! Guess what?! cyriak has a new video! A big thanks is due to both David Chitty and Hess who wrote in to let us know. Enjoy!

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Today’s dose of LOLWAT comes directly from the bizarre mind of David OReilly.

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Quantum Leap

Take an audio/visual synced trip through the wormhole via the visual stylings of Thomas de Rijk and the bass-heavy glitch-synth sounds of Slugabed. Full screened/headphones for this one folks – might as well crank the volume while you’re getting them plugged in, too – and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the feline-deity who sustains us all.

Thomas has lots of other cool, trippy shit on his site, why not head on over?

[ SLUGABED - QUANTUM LEAP (official video) ]

Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up, Brah!


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File under: LOLWAT / Directed by: Terri Timely

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Neo Cat Parties Down

He could be the one…

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A regular reader of the site, alex, was kind enough to email us the contents of a personal bookmarks folder he curated named ‘trippy shit man’.  This video was included in those links and, let me assure you, he categorized it correctly.  My favorite part is definitely the skiing ostriches.

Originally broadcast on January 1st, 2011 between 4:00 and 4:30am (on the reliably awesome [ adult swim ]) Animals is a strange visual journey indeed.  Ten points if you spot the Cyriak.  You’ll also find Blockhead‘s excellent video for their tune ‘The Music Scene’ in there which was posted here in full HD back in October.  So definitely check that out if you haven’t watched it yet.

Thanks again, alex!

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A Balanced Life

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Cursor Cat

Cursor Cat

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