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I first saw A.I. at the movies in the summer of 2001. I distinctly remember enjoying it. I haven’t watched the film since but in the past 10 years I’ve heard people talk about how they didn’t really like it. Not that it was bad, mind you, but just that it didn’t knock their socks off; overall just not especially memorable, you know?

I’m trying to remember the plot points now and, honestly, am having a difficult time. There’s that kid from Sixth Sense and he’s a robot but he’s unhappy, right? Does he want to be a ‘real boy’ or something? I feel like there’s definitely some Pinocchio similarities or some shit.

Anyways, what I do remember are the visuals. I was always into watching stuff from a young age but 2001 was towards the beginning of when I started to set aside time to appreciate culture. When I realized art isn’t just Vivaldi or Rembrandt (though they both most certainly are); that it’s anything people create that inspires them; that the things I love – movies, music videos, electronic music, video games etc. – are worth admiring and paying attention to.

Oh right, about that: the visuals! Just rich, colorful and all ‘glow-y’. Great costumes, make-up and set design too. Spielberg is a wizard at atmosphere. Speaking of which, that’s why I’m diggin’ hard on this, the latest from our good pal Pogo. He leverages all the little visually-rich moments that stand out, mining them of their audio and then reassembling it back together again, creating an entirely unique experience. It’s all mood and feeling and I fucking love it. So much so that I’m going to give the movie another go in the coming weeks and then starting disseminating my thoughts in 140-character increments over on Twitter. Do you have an account there? Wanna talk about movies or something?

Oh and just wait til 2:01 when the Jude Law melody kicks in. Nice.

Lights down, volume up and enjoy!

[ Davyd (A.I. Mashup) ]

Prototype #1

How should I categorize this collaboration between AEAEAEAE and Hans-Henning Korb? It’s not eye candy per-say but there’s no discernable narrative either. So an eye-snack maybe? A morsel?

I dunno.

I rather liked it, though. A strange, uneasy comfort descended as I watched those little flocking pixies as they zipped to-and-fro, attracting and repelling one other, grabbing and reforming their bedsheet-one-moment-and-mountains-the-next hovering landscape as a Vangelis-esque tune (that could easily be mistaken as part of the Blade Runner Soundtrack) provides the ambiance. It’s some interesting and intriguing stuff and, judging from its title, there’s more to come. I certainly hope so, at least.

[ Prototype #1 ]

Surface Detail

Tom Beddard, a.k.a. subBlue, brings the fractal goodness and for this, we are thankful. He’s currently, “working on a WebGL 3D fractal renderer that will let you explore structures like this in real time.”  Sweet.

[ Surface detail ]

The Splendor of Color

If you’re a regular of this site than I’m quite certain this video from hdcolors will be right up your alley. Ten minutes of 1080p, color-drenched kaleidoscopes served alongside peaceful ambient music. Nice.

See more on the hdcolors YouTube page or, if you’d like to watch it for hours uninterrupted on your teevee, you can check out the DVDs/Blu-rays they have for sale.

[ The Splendor of Color HD: A Kaleidoscope Video (Ten Minute Demo) ]

The Silhouettes

The best music videos are the ones in which the visuals and music are so complimentary it seems as though they were created at precisely the same moment.  This is one of those videos.  Top-flight, late-night viewing folks!

Featuring the music of Sam Prekop (released on Chicago’s Thrill Jockey Records), this video was directed by Jordan Kim who also shared some of the animation duties along with Cris Shapan, Michael Wingate and Patrick Armitage.

[ Sam Prekop - The Silhouettes ]


This gem was created as a real-time demo for PCs and the final code is comprised of only 4079 bytes of dataInsane.  The video above (the ‘party version’) was created by Mitch Bucanon and I approve of his decision to back it with a haunting, ambient soundtrack.  See the original video here.

[ "Cdak" by Quite & Orange (party version) ]