What You See Might Not Be Real

'What You See Might Not Be Real' by Chen Wenling
'What You See Might Not Be Real' by Chen Wenling'God of Materialism' by Chen Wenling'The Suspense' by Chen Wenling'Valiant Struggle' by Chen WenlingUnknown Sculpture in Vienna by Chen Wenling'The Suspense II' by Chen Wenling

Chen Wenling is a contemporary Chinese sculptor currently based in Beijing.  The sculpture above – entitled ‘What You See Might Not Be Real’ – was created in response to the global financial crisis. The bull represents Wall Street, while the devil pinned to the wall portrays Bernard Madoff, operator of the largest ponzi scheme in history.

I love not only the imagery and subject matter Chen tackles but also the scale on which he creates it. In this case, bigger is definitely better.

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